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What is Robworld?

Robworld is the working title for what happens when Roberick plays too much Darkest Dungeon, Crusader Kings 2 and Mount and Blade while listening to Medieval 2's soundtrack and drinking cheap whiskey.

Nature claims most of the land and demons, monsters, evil spirits and the undead lurk in every nook and corner. The light of civilization is dim and scattered, concentrated in small patches throughout the world. It is a combination of dark age europe in terms of aesthetic, migration era, bronze age and hyborian age. There are a few settlements, and even fewer major ones, with several ruins and towers laying about from ages gone past, but the majority of humanity still lives in tribes whose names only they know and worshiping unnamed gods.
The reason for this is to give the players sort of a blank slate to do whatever they want and affect the world in ways that don't feel shoehorned or artificial. You can choose to be the light in the darkness, heroes defending the weak, be knowledge seekers and hoarders, classical heroes that seek destroy evil creatures for glory, wine and women, treasurers, merchants and even dark gods turning against the living (Though I stress that you should make sure the entire party is on board before trying that).

The aim of the game is to capture dark and eerie yet inspiring feeling of old folk tales and sagas combined with the chaos of the migration era and the complete breakdown of communication as the unknown world descended upon the known and that specific european brand of depression and glum following a major, cataclysmic and nigh-apocalyptic event such as the hunnic invasion, the plague or WWI. But that doesn't mean the setting and story will be edgy. Hope will play a big role in this dark world and I encourage players to be on their best behaviour, though I won't stop you from playing something like kid rapists if you want.

The system used is The One Ring RPG and a couple of minor changes have been made to fit the homebrew.

About the world
The world remains unchristened. Men called it "our land", but the arrival of the demon hordes put an end to that notion. Though the unholy armies reign supreme, seven peoples still fight back against the darkness. By sword and spell, they struggle to stem the tide, to reconquer what was lost and, perhaps, to baptize the world and reforge it in their own image. The seven are as follows:
Sion - Hardy men like the mountains of their home, following their king Rhemaxos to war.
Chegara - Light of the world, scholars and architects. Though the brazier has been destroyed, the fire still burns.
Rod - Dwarven men, forged in dragon fire, and fiercely protective of their land.
Clansmen - From the highlands and across the lowlands comes a spirited people, ready for battle.
Aettr - Warriors and poets, writers of sagas and happy to pay the blood price for their ambitions.
Alaria - A people of faith and sword, and leaders that will bend their knees to no man.
Inova - At the edges of the world, the elven warrior never sleeps, though he dreams of conquest.

In times as dark and seemingly hopeless as these, the survival of those peoples rests solely on the shoulders of those willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Heroes must rise so the world can be free, and unsullied once more.

As of now…
The forces of good have been dealt a hideous blow. Two of the heroes have perished in the cold north, one has fled and the remaining one has been forced into servitude by a ruthless bandit chief. As one chapter closes, a new one opens in the east, where the secluded community of survivors will become the staging point of a new adventure. The wizard Sargon protects the survivors, but his powers are not limitless and always has something that needs to be done.

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