Alaria The Snowy Lowlands

Alaria, the Snowy Lowlands

Alaria is not a realm, but the collective name of the lands inhabited by the worshipers of Aleria. It is a long patch of fertile land sitting at the slopes of the eastern mountains and northern mountains, and descending towards the Myrlar in the west.

The people that now call themselves Alarians were once barbarian tribes who inhabited the forests and plains and would sometimes cross the mountains to raid and plunder until Sion put an end to it. They were primarily hunter-gatherers, worshiped spirits and performed sacrifices in their names and were in a constant state of war with the orcs in the north. Despite being a bloodthirsty people, and well versed in matters of war, the orcs proved more powerful and they were defeated time and time again until a man named Lothar stepped out of his village to spread word of a new god. Lothar spoke of a Lady of Light, a goddess that loved all unconditioned, that promised salvation and the end of suffering to all those that needed it, and backed his sayings by healing wounds and banishing evil spirits. But, more importantly, Lothar was a skilled military commander and an agricultural reformer, and he taught the newly converts how to better fight orcs and how to grow their food instead of hunting for or stealing it. Under his banner, the influence of Aleria spread and the people were united not by sword, but by faith. Alarians now live in towns and agricultural communities, spread across the lowlands. They are not united by a centralized leadership, and instead fall under the ruler-ship of local warlords elected by the population for their martial and administrative skills.

As an aversion to their barbaric past, alarians completely despise spirits, who they consider unreliable at best and bloodthirsty insane monsters at worst, and are averse to violence except in defense of their lands and people, which they consider their sacred duty as per the teachings of Lothar and Aleria. Their greatest civic pride comes from rearing communities and protecting them from the orcen invaders and, recently, the undead from the south.

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