Brennclann and the Western Tribes

All that is western is inhabited by tribes of humans, some coexisting in coalitions while most fighting eachother, and Brennclann is the most famous of them all. Its' original name was forgotten, as it was never written down, when the clan renamed itself after their most famous ancestor, Brennus. He was a king who united all the tribes for the first time and led a campaign of conquest and plunder through the entire known world, even conquering Chegara and bringing down its' royal house after killing King Argus in single combat. Though his glory was cut short by the armies of Sion and his empire crumbled immediatly after he was killed, his legacy remains and now every clan, especially his, eagerly wait for the opportunity to reunite.

The tribes and clans lack a centralized leadership and their settelements do not amount to more than wooden holdings. They practice a union of ancestor worship and spirit worship akin to the elves, except there is no consensus on it and each tribe has their own different house spirits, demons and ancestors to worship. Despite this lack of organization, they posses amazing ironworking techniques and weapons and armors that can match those of city states. Indeed, the helm and magic green sword Brennus wore when he led his people were made by vestfoldians.

Since there is little arable land in the forests and mountains, the tribes subsist almost entirely on hunting, gathering and raiding. Hunting has become an important aspect of the tribes, and has transcended its' necessity. It is used as a rite of adulthood and to decoare the most successful hunters and name them champions to lead raids and warbands. Tribes like Brennclann also give those champions valuable heraldry and heirlooms, like Brennus' Winged Helmet. Dogs and wolves are held in high regard for their major role in leading hunts and their use as heraldry is an important part of the population's culture.

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