Chegara, the Ancient City

Chegara is the first known human settlement, the easternmost city-state and the nucleus of human civilization. It is located in the Eastern Plains on the banks of fertile rivers. Its' spires and walls are white like ivory, on which the desert sun shines and glistens. Its' colonies are wide and far reaching and spread to the corners of the known world, the most successful one (Though Chegarans have come to loathe it) being Sion.

Its' creation myth dictates that the chegarans were led here by a god named Aurabo, who imbued the prophet that discovered him and converted the chegarans to his faith with his divine essence and tasked him with protecting the budding community. Said prophet became the founder of the chegaran royal family, from which King Chigurh and Princess Anais are directly descended.

Religion and faith in Aurabo plays a major role in Chegara and its' society. His statues and likeness is present in every corner of the city-state, and so are his white temples and their lit braziers. This extends to the royal family, as well. Indeed, the royal palace and the king himself would be confused with the High Temple and the High Patriarch, the leader of the faith, by foreigners, as the royal family's dress code tends to emulate representations of Aurabo's physical form. The whole city is full of arguments about theology. The squares, the market places, the cross-roads, the alleyways; old-clothes men, money changers, food sellers: they are all busy arguing about the nature of their god, his teachings, their history and roots, from the high priests and learned scholars to the table cleaners in a seedy bar.

As of now, Chegara has been overrun by demons. In his final moments, King Chigurh revealed his plan to call his entire magic might and rain holy fire to destroy the city and take out the entire army with him. Though many have fled and escaped, Princess Anais is the last known survivor of Chegara and the last known member of the royal line.

Another dark wind blows over Chegara's remnants. The queen has been abducted by the Necromancer, and their high priest has been killed by demons. Their hopes begin to crumble, as their world collapses around them.

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