Deep Woods

Deep Woods, Ends of Gotwald

Gotwald is a dark and widespread forest, very sparsely populated. Inova is considered the end of civilization, but tribes of humans inhabit the forest north of it alongside fey and the eponymous "gods".

It is said that the elves came from the forest and settled at its' edges, creating Inova, and that the aettr god Sigr led a group of humans out of it and settled east, in what is now Heimdal valley. The latter has more credence, as the inhabitants have similar names and customs to the aett, but unlike their eastern cousins, they absolutely refuse to worship the creatures that roam in the forest's depths.

Called "gods" for lack of better term, they are creatures that are not mortal nor fey, but beings of power that rivals the southern gods. None know why they choose to stay there and none dare find the reason. The northern forest barbarians especially dare not get close to god territory and react violently to any who would dare stir their nests.

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