The Enemy, the Darkness, the Demon Army of the East and other assorted names the living have given to their doom

The bulk of the game's enemies is formed out of a demonic horde coming from the eastern desert. It consists of creatures of varying forms and sizes ranging from tar skinned demonic humanoids and dogs to minotaurs and draconic humanoids. It is a ragtag army of bloodthirsty monsters wearing rudimentary, but rusted, jagged and twisted armors and weapons and the only features they share are red burning eyes, uncompromising hatred for all living and the blighted land they leave behind when they move.

Although the humanoids are capable of simplistic speech, no formal diplomatic contact or communication has been formed with the living and the demons have not expressed the reason for their unholy march. They do not seem to posess anything other than basic animalistic cunning and willingness to exterminate everything in their path, with only the draconic officers and minotaurs so far able to display higher intelligence as they seem to serve roles similar to officers and commanders.

Undead also form an important part in this army, though several have been encountered far ahead and away of its' bulk, displaying ghostly lights of different colours in their eyesockets.

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