What are icons?

In 13th Age, Icons are powerful NPCs that affect the overall world and the campaign. In Robworld, they have been re-purposed into the surviving factions, their figureheads and the villains. They will not have the same influence the Icons in the official 13th age setting does because none of your allies or potential allies possess that kind of power (yet), but it is the people belonging to them that move the world. Because of this, heroic icons will put more emphasis on the factions they represent than their leaders, while the villains and the more neutral powers will be singular beings. The leaders are obviously the movers and shakers, but they are no more powerful than the people they lead. Additional Icons will be added as the story progresses.


- Sionite soldier

Sion is the rock in the storm, and the waves of demons crash against it. The city has faced constant war since the day it was built by settlers from Chegara, which makes every man an adept in the art of war and has made its' generals dominate the fields of battle since Brennus' death. Military discipline, a rough environment and a rigid code of ethics instilled into them by their god Skantarios makes the sionite a well oiled war machine.

  • Leader: King Rhemaxos
  • Icon: The Red Dragon, represented by Skantarios in his dragon form with wings spread on a black field.
  • Common Knowledge: Sion has established itself as the greatest military power in the known world upon defeating Brennus on the Fields of Arvan. Until the demons arrived, only the dwarves with their dragon forged weapons were able to challenge that notion.
  • Allies: Sion had no love for any of their neighbors. Chegara, their former master, abandoned them to the marauding bands of clansmen and their king spat upon their help when the armies of Sion came to their help and lifted the occupation of the White City. Nevertheless, sionites allowed both chegarans and clansmen within their walls and now fight together against the tides of darkness.
  • Enemies: Rod is the traditional enemy of Sion. The worshipers of Skantarios vowed to finish their god's work and kill the last dragon, guarded jealously by the dwarves. With the moon peering over the city, the demons have become a bigger priority.
  • History: Sion started as a chegaran colony created to mine for salt and process timber. Its' distance from the White City and proximity to the warlike natives made the area hard to defend and reinforcements eventually stopped coming. The colonists suffered increased attacks and humiliations from the mountain clans until a man named Cernagor returned to his farmstead to see it burnt and his wife and daughters abducted. In a fit of rage and grief, he took his axe and gathered a large group of men to attack the clans. Upon finding his kin with their throats slit, the rescue turned to war and the retribution was so savage that it was said the rivers turned red from the blood Sionites spilled. By the end, the western clans lost all their holdings in the lowlands and were permanently driven to the mountains.


"The city is gone. We're nomads again, wandering the deserts of incertitude, without Aurabo's light to guide us. But at least we still have the girl…"
- High Priest Kyros

The White City has been destroyed and the last of the royal line is in the enemy's clutches. With the nobility and the priesthood gone, the remaining magi have stepped in to lead their people and bring considerable power in the fight against the demons. Chegarans are not lacking in civil pride, and despite the sad hand life has dealt them, they're still a force to be reckoned with due to their mastery of magic and wealth of knowledge.

  • Leader: The Five Magi
  • Icon: The Invincible Fire, represented by a golden ring of fire on a black field. Formerly the Chalice of Wisdom, the royal family's sigil.
  • Common Knowledge: Chegara's royal family was imbued with Aurabo's divine essence, which gives them innate magical powers above anything mortal can achieve. This power is tempered by the priests and magi, who train the royal scions and groom them for rulership.
  • Allies: Chegarans are a diplomatic people, a skill they used to unite mortal enemies against the demon menace. Rod was their allied city-state, and they kept diplomatic relations with every possible political entity. Now their skill is put to test again as they have to work with Sion and the Clansmen to ward off the demons.
  • Enemies: "Pandemonium" characterizes chegaran lands. The demons have taken everything from this ancient people, and in doing so they have created an enemy dedicated to eradicating them.
  • History: Chegarans arrived in the known world through the eastern desert, led by a being called Aurabo. They built the eponymous city between two great rivers and spread along the banks, then throughout the whole land until they reached the great mountains in the west, the Dragonwastes in the south and even established contact with Inova in the north. The Known World is only known because of them, every major road trod on built by them and every parchment written in their script. But as pride comes before the fall, the chegarans thought themselves untouchable and the weakness of their kings, who had grown indolent from lack of hardships and had grown lax in their duties, was exposed when Brennus conquered the city. King Jagoda's armies fell before the clansmen and his brother before their leader. With Sion's help, they reconquered their home and vowed to never let that happen again.


"If you succeed, I will personally carve you statues, and place them among our ancestors on the Path of Heroes."
- Crown Prince Kubrat

Rod stands in the shadow of a great volcano, situated at the northern edges of the Dragonwastes. The dwarven tribes have a long history of warfare, but it was not until the War in the Sky and the aftermath that they became the stalwart steel wielders they are known for. Having survived hundreds of sieges from the armies of Sion, many thought the dwarves would survive the demon invasion as well, but the discovery of Noxios' new nature, people now wonder what price they paid for this survival.

  • Leader: King Asparukh
  • Icon: Dragon's Maw, represented by the black head of Noxios on a bone white field.
  • Common Knowledge: Dwarves craft their weapons in Noxios' fires, which makes them the highest quality steel in the known world and their main export. Besides weaponry, dwarves also have a fondness for sculpture and stone carving and they have portrayed historical events on the stone walls of their halls.
  • Allies: Chegara was their main commercial partner and frequent ally against Sionite aggression. As an act of friendship, the dwarves gifted one of their blades to the chegaran kings upon coronation, the last of which was Chigurh. With Noxios under Sallow's control and with many dwarves being found under his employ, there's rumors that Rod has thrown their lot in with the Necromancer.
  • Enemy: Sion is the old enemy of Rod. Before Skantarios ascended, he gave his new converts a godly weapon and they promised to use it to finish his war. Now, whether they've aligned themselves with the Necromancer or not, demons have become Rod's greatest enemy.
  • History: When chegarans walked out of their river lands to explore the world, the first beings they met were the dwarves, which made the easterners consider them the natives of the land. Although false, they are the first group to arrive into the known world, which makes their history a long and varied one. Dwarven tribals have lived and wandered along the great marshes in the south. This has made them experience the War in the Sky first hand, and they watched as dragons fell from the heavens in the wake of Skantarios' rampage. It was during this event that Rod rose to prominence. A settlement founded near a dormant volcano, an area perfect for growing food, they found the wounded dragon Noxios and promised to shelter him and hide him from Skantarios' wrath. In exchange the dragon breathed fire over their iron and turned it into dark steel. The metal proved so effective in combat that the outnumbered dwarves managed to fight off Skantarios' worshipers numerous and, in time, secured their position as one of the City-States.


"You're humans. You'll find a way. Survival is what you do best."
- Hallstatt

The demon invasion has forced the ancient natives of the east to abolish their different clans and hide within Sion's walls for protection. Their misfortune, however, has united them again and, backed by steel forged weapons, the spirited warriors of the clans eagerly wait for another Brennus to help them reclaim their birthright.

  • Leader: Hoarse
  • Icon: The War Hound, represented by a black dog on a green field.
  • Common Knowledge: Clansmen love physical activities and have an affinity for animal husbandry. In their early days, Shellac ordered his warriors to hold fighting and hunting games to keep his warriors in shape and to relieve stress. These games turned into tradition over the centuries, and now the clans hold sacred contests between each-other for glorious prizes, such as the right to lead hunts or ownership of the Winged Helmet.
  • Allies: The Clans and Aettr have lived along and fought each-other long before chegarans crossed the river. Once enemies changed, the two people found they had a lot in common and have kept a cordial relationship. Cut from their old friend by the demons, the clans are now forced to fight alongside the easterners under the banner of Sion.
  • Enemies: The Moon has taken their forest and their strongest from them, and now clansmen sharpen their steel in preparation for their long overdue revenge.
  • History: The "clansmen" as they are called are the natives of the known world, living in the glacial valleys before easterner, aettr, dwarf or elf set foot on the land. The original clans still live in the mountains, although reduced in number thanks to Sion, while the ones that have come to characterize their people settled in the forests of the middle-lands. They were led by a man named Shellac, who stopped to rest during a hunt and was mesmerized by the beauty of the land. He returned to the mountains and brought his family and followers to the forest. It was from these clans that a great warrior rose. Named Brennus, he united the scions of Shellac and, with the spirits' blessings, he descended upon chegaran lands and created the first conquering empire. Although his rule was short lived, his legacy still resonates with the clans.

Leader: The Seven Lords, High Lord Ansen
Alarians are the worshipers of Lady Aleria, united by their faith in a coalition of cities and villages. The majority live in agrarian communities but as per Lothar's teachings every man is required to own and know how to use a spear and their belief in the Lady of Light makes them the natural enemy of The Necromancer and his undead armies. The code that alarians live by resonates with kind and righteous souls.

The Circle of Druids
In the mountains, the clans still hold the old faith. The druids are a loose coalition of sages and learned men who wield the power of nature and use it to heal, guide and protect. They travel from village to village, from holding to holding, to right wrongs and mend wounds, and to give advice to the rulers, sometimes even raise their children and turn them into worthy heirs.

The Spirit World
Leader: None
Henkimaailmaan, The Fair Folk, The Fey, The Menagerie and the Court, these are all names used for the spirits living in every nook and corner of the world. They are capricious beings with power over the world, capable of crafting millenia old curses or ending them on a whim. Human logic and ethics are alien to them, but their desires are easy to identify and knowledgeable adventurers can use them to great advantage.

Leader: Dyre
The Elven City stands in the north, surrounded from all sides by wilderness. The elves follow a rigid system of castes which defines their society and roles within the city. Their recent arrival in the known world makes them the least spread people, but recent events have made their armies stir. In spite of their reclusiveness and adherence to the castes, an elven traveler will always be welcomed back to the city.

Leader: None
Just like the elves, the Aett live on the edges of Gotwald, from which they claim origin. They dominate the valley that in their language call "home" and descend in the south in search for loot and adventure before returning to spend the winter. In spite of their warlike behavior, they're adept storytellers and many posses a poetic soul. The doors to their halls are open to any adventurer searching to warm his feet.

The Necromancer
The figure of legend, surrounded by darkness and central to all sagas and stories that spoke of demons. Dwarves call him Kain, Alarians call him The Necromancer, the Divine calls him Sallow and Spirits scream madly and run in fear when he is mentioned. Although recently revealed to be an enemy of the demons, the nature of his powers and plots make him far from benign.

The Moon
The Doom of Chegara. Red skies herald the coming of the demons, who bring with them a moon with a burning red eye. Under its' unholy shadow, even the lowliest demon becomes capable of feats impossible to the strongest human. Synonymous with the invasion, the Moon arrives to spell doom to its' enemies and from the sky it looks as the world is devoured beneath it.

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