Inova, Elvenheim

All that is known about elves is that they came from the Godwood in the north and have settled at its' edges, where the black trees and white tundra start to thin and rivers start to melt. Inova is their only settlement and it boasts the society dynamics of an empire.

The city is large and made of wood and stone, and its' different quarters and houses are all painted depending on the majority of the caste and their chosen patron spirits. The castes are the High Elves (the priests, administrators, officers, artisans, rulers and scholars); The Wood Elves (Builders, farmers, hunters, gatherers and shamans); and the Dark Elves (Warriors, guardians, hunters, scouts and military commanders). To the untrained eye there is no physical difference between the clans, as all elves have unnatural ivory skin and different hair colours that all clans share, but the elves find it easy to distinguish themselves. Caste and clan politics allow for adoptions of other castes if the solicitor is considered suitable and marriages between them are rare but highly delicate and important events.

Bar the dark elves, the entirety of Inova and its' society believes in the spirits that inhabit every single aspect of the world, including the spirit of the spirit world itself, and their survival in such a harsh and remote land depends on favors curried with the fickle fey. Though the High Elves are the official authority on spirits, the wood elves show most affinity as their day to day duties makes them interact with spirits the most. The dark elves, however, have recently converted to the foreign southern god of Skantarios. In their drive to improve their martial abilities they have forsaken the spirits, who, although capricious and boasting powerful juggernauts, did not provide as much of a boon and authority as the War God himself. The Dark Elves have taken to calling him Thallo, and to paint him as a man standing on a snowy field, wearing blue robes with a hood and holding a bow. They proclaim their loyalty for him by shooting arrows at the sky and trees and saying that there is no god other than Skantarios. This has understandably led to a clash with the other castes, but for now its' nature has only remained political and ideological and this new southern faith is tolerated, as the caste is needed to balance the society, but many fear the warriors will turn against them.

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