Known World

What is the Known World?

The Known World is the catch all term for all the territories that I have written up so far and that have been explored and discovered. It is not a country or even a continent, but a patch of land part of a bigger world, borderless and unexplored with only natural formations and geography to describe it and the tribes that inhabit it. The bulk of it is made of untamed forests, swamps, valleys, mountains, depressions and so forth with the only bits of civilization being at its' edges and by rivers. Without a kingdom or an empire to take over and centralize, information and communication between the few known settlements is weak, even between city-states and their colonies. The aim of this is to keep in theme with the dark ages slash iron ages type of deal where lack of roads and cohesive knowledge meant that settlements and regions that are now really close used to be alien to eachother.

More of the world will be opened up as it is explored and baptized.


Eastern Plains

Also known as Chegariad, named after its' prized city. The east is a vast, near-flat land of orange soil contrasting with the green vegetation grown near its' crystal blue rivers. It is both the center of the human civilization and its' frontier, with arid steppes and deserts expanding further east and the rest of the settlements expanding westwards. The fertile land is dominated by the Ivory City and her colonies. As of now, the land has been overrun by demons coming from over the eastern desert.


Any land graced by the presence of demons. The soil becomes black and corrupted, life withers away, the sky is red and the moon expands in size and appears as if it opens a large eye with eyelids and a red, burning iris with a reptile pupil. No living survives for long.


A large, geographical diverse expanse in the south whose main linking feature is the mass graveyard of dragons Skantarios left in his wake. Great dragon bones and skeletons protrude from the ground in arid steppes, through forests, out of marshes and swamps and in the ashlands that felt the worst of the Dragon God's wrath and leave behind a morbid and cursed visage. Few civilized people go there, but nomad tribes of men and dwarves linger through and live among the ancient bones.


The opposite of Chegara and the plains, consisting of emerald forests and valleys and ending at a massive range of mountains, behind which lays the unknown world. Much more populated than any other corner of the world, full of warring tribes vying for control and favor with their spirits, ancestors, gods and fey and hope to challenge their old enemy, Sion.


Up north lies grim Gotwald, the Forest of the Gods. A frozen and desolate place made of white tundras, valleys and mountain passes cut by wind and frozen lakes, vast expanses of ice and the titular forest, made of leafless black trees. The ætt and elves call these lands their homes, and their runestones and painted wooden carvings bring some colour to the white expanse.

The West

Contact with the lands beyond the mountains has finally been established, and it was found to be populated by a pious people. The land is rich and fertile, but fraught with danger as the south swarms with undead while the north is dominated by barbaric orcs. Although the majority of the population is now averse to them, the presence of spirits in this land is much stronger than in the east. Lady Aleria's light has not yet killed the old gods.

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