The races in Robworld will be the same races used in 13th age, but as of now only Dwarves, Humans and Elves have been fleshed out so far and no non-core race has been introduced.


Humans are by far the most numerous and widespread race, with civilizations ranging from the cosmopolitan city-states to settled tribes or nomadic peoples. Inspired by the native population of europe (celts, germanics, llyrians, thracians, baltics, etc) in ethnicity and fashions of the 4th to 10th century.


The second most numerous, and the only race other than humans to have a powerful city-state dominate southern lands with many tribes inhabiting the hills through the Dragonwastes. The dwaf claim to fame is their dragon weapons, made of metal forged in Noxios' magic fire, which is superior to every other weapon forged yet. Until recently, all dwarves were engaged in an eternal war with the human city of Sion over their gods' rivalry. Culturally similar to the bulgars and eastern romans of 7th to 10th century.


All that is known about elves is that they came south through the Gotwald and created one city at the edge of the forest. Their society is formed of three castes (The three subraces from 13th Age). Although the subraces of elves in 13th age are physically different, all elves have the same outward appearence: Lithe, with high cheekbones and almost albino-like skin reflecting the environment they live in and the differences between the castles manifest in chosen colours of the castes and clans. Inspired by medieval, pagan finns.

  • The High Elves are the ruling and the priestly caste, dressing in fine robes and overseeing the rituals of the race and the administration of the city.
  • The Wood Elves are the agrarian and manufacturer caste, and favored the most by spirits for their close relationship with the land that they tend to and harvest from.
  • The Dark Elves are the warrior castle, the levies and soldiers in charge of protection of the city and the people. As of now, the majority of the warrior caste have converted to Thallo, elven aspect of the War God Skantarios.
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